Trips and activities are always popular amongst Upper Canada DSB International Students.  These events include community-based activities focused on local culture and highlights with host families also invited, and touristic trips exclusive for students to areas outside of the UCDSB region that offer international students the opportunity to learn more about Canada and experience some of the country’s most famous attractions.

All of the UCDSB International student trips and activities truly enhance the Canadian experience for those who participate.  Through local activities, students and host families are immersed in a deeper understanding of Canadian culture, learn about the history of Upper Canada and experience the excitement of awesome local events that make the local communities unique.  Overnight trips to areas outside of Upper Canada invite UCDSB international students to some of the most popular attractions and places the Canada has to offer.  These trips are a great way to meet fellow UCDSB international students who attend other schools across the School District that are living the same experience.  The energy on the bus rides, the laugher at the events and the mix of languages and cultures in the hotel and restaurants is something participants will never forget.  Certainly, something that you do not want to miss!

Local community activities are free to join for students and host families.  The overnight trips are offered at affordable registration rates for those who wish to join.  There is no obligation to take part in any trip or activity, but we recommend that students take advantage of as many of these exciting events as they can!

UCDSB International Education Program trips and activities will be announced throughout the summer leading up to the school year so pay close attention to our social media channels!  Instructions for how to sign up for these events will also be discussed and shared with your agency/representative as well as on our website ( as the school year nears and again as each event approaches.  Our plan is to have an event for our international students roughly once a month, so there’s always something to look forward to and plan for!