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The Upper Canada District School Board offers a secure online application system for students wishing to apply to our International Education Program.  This application must be completed in full, with the required documents (outlined below) and the application deposit must be paid for an consideration of admission.  The application deposit is $250 CAD and is non-refundable, however it will be deducted from the total amount of tuition payable. Please have a major credit card ready and pay this application fee by visiting Make a Payment.

An admission decision will be made as quickly as possible after receiving a complete application and associated deposit, generally within 48-hours.  The student or the student’s representative will be notified of this decision and if the application is accepted, a Letter of Admission will be issued immediately.


Before you begin the online application process, please make sure you have collected all the necessary information and documents (as outlined below). You will need the applicant’s complete information and at least one parent’s complete information. This includes names, birthdates, addresses, etc. Required and recommended documents (see below) must be submitted as PDF or JPEG files only and less than 5MB each. If any document is larger than 5MB, it has been scanned at a resolution which is too high and must be rescanned at a lower resolution before beginning the application process.


In addition to the information collected within the online application, the Upper Canada District School Board requires several supporting documents for any applying International Students.  These documents assist us in making an admission decision should we require additional information. They must be submitted as single documents in PDF or JPEG files only and less than 5MB each.  The documents are all required prior to a student’s arrival, but have varying ultimate due dates as explained below.

Before Admission

The following documents are required before an admission decision is provided for a student.  It is strongly recommended that these documents be included when initially submitting the application.  A Letter of Admission will not be provided until these documents have been submitted in full.

  1. Transcripts or report cards. You must have a record of grades for the last two years, translated into English, they must be in PDF or JPEG files only, and less than 5MB in size.
  2. Self Introduction Form. This form allows us to learn more about the student’s interests and likes/dislikes. It also provides the student with an opportunity to select requested courses of study.
  3. Teacher Recommendation Form.This form should be completed by one of the student’s current or former teachers. It provides valuable information about how we can best support the student in academic pursuits.

Before Being Considered for Homestay Placement

Students wishing to apply for our homestay program must submit the following documents before a placement will be considered.  It is strongly recommended that these documents be included when initially submitting the application.  A custodianship declaration document will be not processed or provided

  1. The Canada Homestay Network version of the Parental Consent to Custodianship is required to be signed and completed by the student’s natural parent(s) or guardian(s).  This form is mandatory and must be notarized unless an alternate version is provided and notarized.
  2. An introduction to the student from both the student and the parent(s).

At Least 6 Weeks Prior to Arrival

We recommend that you submit the following documents during the initial application process, however they are not absolutely required until 6 weeks prior to the student’s arrival at the Upper Canada District School Board.

  1. UCDSB International Student Participation Agreement completed in full and signed by the parent(s) or legal guardian(s) and student.
  2. Passport photo page. Please scan the passport photo page of the applicant’s passport, if they have a passport already. This allows us to double-check the applicant’s information to ensure that all correspondence is correct.
  3. Proof Of Immunization. Please scan as a single document all immunization records relevant to the students medical history. If this letter is longer than one page, make sure you scan all pages as a single document.
  4. Custodian information. If the applicant will not be part of our homestay program, they must assign a custodian. This custodian must be a Canadian citizen or Permanent Resident, over 25 years old, and must live full time in the Eastern Ontario area.

Documents can also be found on the Application Documents page.

Optional Documents

  1. Letter of Recommendation. Please have a teacher, school counsellor, or Headmaster/Principal write a letter of recommendation for the applicant. This letter should be on school letterhead and identify the student and their strong points. If this letter is longer than one page, make sure you scan all pages as a single document.
  2. Photos of the student, his/her friends and family, and other things that are significant to the student. Some students compile a group of photos for our homestay placement process. Please scan the entire album as one document.
  3. Other documents. If you have another document pertinent to admission, such as a student interview form, please submit it as a single document.