Incoming students have the opportunity to participate in an International Education Program orientation upon arrival in Canada.  This orientation provides students with valuable information and guidance about Canadian culture, living in a homestay and more to prepare them for success while studying and living in Canada.

International students beginning studies in first semester are brought together to a central location for the Program orientation.  Specific details for this orientation, including times and transportation, are communicated to the students about one month prior to their arrival in Canada.  Students should plan to arrive at least 5 days prior to the beginning of the school year to be able to attend orientation.

Students beginning studies in second semester participate in the International Program orientation at their home school within the first two weeks of the semester.

School specific orientation is additionally provided to all incoming students at their home school during the first weeks of enrolment.  This additional orientation provides students with information about their new home school including navigating the school building, introductions to teachers and support staff and opportunities to engage in school life such as extracurricular activities.