As the new year and new school semester begins, goal-setting can be a very effective way to plan for your success.

Whether your goal is to pass all of your classes, to get a certain grade in a course, or just to manage your time better, goal-setting is a great way to put your goals into action.

Here are some tips and tricks for effective goal-setting to help you through a successful semester.

1)    Write down your goals for the semester.

2)    Write down the steps required to achieve each goal.

 3)     Create a plan to follow each of these steps.

4)    Consider potential problems and solutions.

5)    Set a deadline.

6)    Evaluate your progress. 

Evaluating your progress often gives you the ability to adjust your steps as needed to ensure that you stay on track.

What are your goals to the semester? How can we help you to attain them?
What goals have you accomplished so far this semester? What helped you to accomplish your goal?